Candidate Sourcing & Engagement Training Zone

Finding and engaging the best candidates every day

In today's market Clients can often find their own candidates. 

To succeed the Agency recruiter needs to be able to not only find the candidates' clients cannot find but engage them and get them to want to see their clients.  

The challenge is that sourcing technologies change every day as do candidates motivations. 

This training zone is dedicated to the art of finding, engaging and placing the very best candidates in your market

What You Get For Your Money

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  • Library of 200+ structured training exercises

  • Library of 1000+ videos

  • Weekly webinars with expert coaches

  • Access to the Recruiting Gym coaches to get your sourcing challenges solved

  • Request training topics for future webinars

Our Sourcing Competency Framework

All training is structured around a robust competency framework

  • Sourcing Strategy & Planning

    Who wants to get paid twice for the same sourcing effort?

    We help Recruiters have a robust strategy for their proactive and reactive sourcing activities.

  • Build An Online Presence

    Every Recruiter needs an online presence to ensure that when candidates check them out, they find something that inspires them to engage with the Recruiter. We help Recruiters continually work on their presence

  • Searching Techniques

    Finding the best candidates requires a Recruiter to be able to mine the internet as a whole, not just Linkedin. We teach recruiters to find candidates across the web.

  • Building Candidate Relationships

    Trust and influence are key factors in a successful placement process. We help Recruiter build strong relationships with candidates and be proactive in managing risk.

  • Engaging Candidates

    We help Recruiters to engage candidates across all forms of communication. From phone calls, to email, social media and job adverts.

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Your Coach

Sourcing Coach Katharine Robinson

Hi, I’m Katharine, a talent sourcer with 15 years of experience combing the web to find great candidates.

My sourcing training helps recruitment teams be bolder with the tools they use to look for and engage candidates. By combining your industry knowledge with expertly crafted search tactics, together we will get more candidates into jobs they love.

IMPORTANTLY, I STILL SOURCE: Given how quickly the world of technology and sourcing changes, I still spend over half my year engaged in sourcing projects or contracts finding some of the hardest to source skillsets in the world.