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    Welcome to the course

    • Who is Lauren Chiren?

    • How to use this course

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    Menopause - what's it all about?

    • What is Menopause?

    • The A-Z of Menopause symptoms

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    Menopause - how can businesses help?

  • 4

    Menopause - how to look after yourself

    • Lauren shares her top tips on navigating menopause

    • Lauren discusses how to look after yourself during menopause

    • 21 tips to selfless self care

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    Additional resources

    • FREE - 3 Day Menopause The Basics Course

    • The UK Government House of Commons debate - 21 October 2021

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    What's next...?

    • More resources for you to continue your learning journey

Your Expert

Menopause Coach

Lauren Chiren

I left my senior role in financial services in my early 40's believing I had early-onset dementia. Imagine my surprise to discover I had ‘just’ been through menopause. I immediately redefined what success meant to me and retrained so that I could collaborate with employers, to help them understand why being menopause supportive is business savvy. This led to the establishment of my company - Women of a Certain Stage.