If you're a Recruiter and not utilising LinkedIn to it's fullest...

... are you really a recruiter?!

Okay, that might be a bit harsh, but when LinkedIn launched in 2003, savvy recruiters across the globe rejoiced!

Here's a place where 744 million candidates are sharing their work experience with you. The key is knowing how to use it well.

If all you do is put keywords in the search box and send InMails, you’re not getting a competitive advantage. You probably find the same candidates your clients have already seen and your competitors found too.

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Have a LinkedIn Profile that works hard for you

    • Your LinkedIn profile is key to getting responses from candidates

    • Pictures speak 1000 words - Profile photos and background images

    • Be crystal clear about who you are and what you do - using the Name Pronunciation feature, Headline, and Industry

    • Write a great 'About' section

    • Let candidates know what you're up to with the Featured section

    • Further Study - Past Webinar '5 Things Most Recruiters Miss On Their LinkedIn Profiles'

  • 3

    Look under every rock when you search LinkedIn

    • Searching on LinkedIn.com

    • X-Ray Searching LinkedIn

    • Further study - Past webinar "10 ways to Search LinkedIn"

    • Further study - Past webinar "Alternative LinkedIn Search Techniques"

    • Further study - Past webinar "Targeting Active Candidates on LinkedIn"

  • 4

    Contacting the people you find on LinkedIn

    • When to use Connection Requests, Messages and InMails

    • Improve your InMail response rate on LinkedIn - Data from LinkedIn

    • Further study - Past webinar 'Finding alternative contact methods'

    • Further study - Past webinar 'Sending LinkedIn Messages That Get Replies'

    • Further Study - Past webinar 'How to Increase Your LinkedIn Response Rate'

  • 5

    Our most recent LinkedIn Update week from the Daily Workout

    • Mon 26 Sep - LinkedIn Week with Katharine Robinson - Candidate Look-Up

    • #640 - Tue 27 Sep - LinkedIn Week with Katharine Robinson - New LinkedIn Features

    • #641 - Wed 28 Sep - LinkedIn Week with Katharine Robinson - What makes a good LinkedIn profile?

    • #642 - Thu 29 Sep - LinkedIn Week with Katharine Robinson - Follow vs Connect and Creator Mode

    • #643 - Fri 30 Sep - LinkedIn Week with Katharine Robinson - Upgrading your LinkedIn Profile

  • 6

    Preview of Mastering LinkedIn Recruiter

    • Introduction

    • The Biggest Misconceptions people have about LinkedIn Recruiter

    • Your LinkedIn Recruiter dashboard

    • Everything in LinkedIn Recruiter revolves around Project folders

    • Get started with search in LinkedIn Recruiter

  • 7

    What's next?

    • Need some further inspiration - here's some of the 70 courses available in the Gym

Why our program works

  • Sourcing mindset

    There’s more to sourcing than Boolean Search. Develop a sourcing mindset, where you learn to think like a candidate and find people your competitors can’t

  • Online support from a coach

    This is more than a self-service course. Katharine will be online to help answer your questions and tackle your sourcing challenges, putting theory into action.

  • Community

    It's not just the coaches that support you here in the Recruiting Gym. Other sourcers join in on the community Q&A pages to help answer your questions and queries too.

Key features

3 modules on your Profile, Searches & Messaging

  • Short course (c. 3 hours) with access to the coach to support your success.

  • Practical exercises to help you put theory into practice

  • Sample searches and templates that you can adapt to your own sourcing needs.

  • 4 additional free courses with over 100 extra sessions on all recruitment related topics

Your Specialist Coach

Sourcing Coach

Katharine Robinson

Hi, I’m Katharine, a talent sourcer with over a decade of experience combing the web to find great candidates.

My sourcing training helps recruitment teams be bolder with the tools they use to look for and engage candidates. By combining your industry knowledge with expertly crafted search tactics, together we will get more candidates into jobs they love.

IMPORTANTLY I STILL SOURCE: Given how quickly the world of technology and sourcing changes, I still spend over half my year engaged in sourcing projects or contracts finding some of the hardest to source skillsets in the world.