Get your challenges and questions answered in real time

Access to Recruitment Industry Experts

Every fortnight we'll be getting subject matter experts (SMEs) together to help recruiters and suppliers to the recruitment industry

Whether it's challenges with business development, HR issues, sourcing candidates, managing staff from a distance, understanding government guidelines, gaining retainers, social media issues... we've got it covered!

Join us in the Recruiting Gym - online training, powered by humans

Why our training works

  • Coaching Support

    You have the community in the Gym and the live webinars to get your questions and queries answered. We're a friendly bunch with positive attitudes, but that doesn't mean that we skip over the tough questions/situations.

  • Answering the question!

    Having someone else to work with to answer your questions and queries, give you advice on your own business or desk challenges, can make the world of difference to your motivation to getting it done!

  • Learn from the best

    Knowing the information required to be able to understand what's driving your business, where the successes are and what you need to do to focus on key development areas... is just the starting point to success

Course curriculum

Fortnightly live webinars