If you’ve got it, use it!

Find out what LinkedIn Recruiter is really capable of

Imagine spending hundreds of pounds on a fancy coffee machine for the office kitchen, but all your employees keep making mugs of instant because they don’t know how to use it. It would be really sad!

LinkedIn Recruiter is like that. Recruiter gives you access to more profiles than standard LinkedIn, more ways to search them too, as well as the monitoring and organisation power of projects.

If all you do is put keywords in the search box and send InMails, you’re not getting a competitive advantage. You probably find the same candidates your clients have already seen and your competitors found too. You’re making mugs of instant coffee.

Why our program works

  • Sourcing mindset

    There’s more to sourcing than Boolean Search. Develop a sourcing mindset, where you learn to think like a candidate and find people your competitors can’t

  • Live webinars

    Attend live webinars where you can ask Katharine questions and get deeper insights on the topics most important to you.

  • Online support from a coach

    This is more than a self-service course. Katharine will be online to help answer your questions and tackle your sourcing challenges, putting theory into action.

Key features

These are the key features of the program that will help you succeed

  • 5 week training program with weekly webinars to support your success.

  • Practical exercises to help you put theory into practice

  • Sample searches and templates that you can adapt to your own sourcing needs.

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Course Introduction

    • The Biggest Misconceptions people have about LinkedIn Recruiter

    • Mistakes recruiters make when sourcing with LinkedIn Recruiter

  • 3

    Finding your way around LinkedIn Recruiter

    • Understanding your Dashboard

    • What is a Project?

    • Get Started with LinkedIn Recruiter Search

    • Using the LinkedIn Recruiter Mobile App

  • 4

    Your LinkedIn Profile

    • Your profile is key to getting responses from candidates

    • Pictures speak 1000 words - Profile photos and background images

    • Be crystal clear about who you are and what you do - using the Name Pronunciation feature, Headline, and Industry

    • Make the most of links in your Contact Info section

    • 500+ Connections is more than a badge of honour for a recruiter

    • Write a great 'About' section

    • Let candidates know what you're up to with the Featured section

    • Use rich media content to make your profile sticky

    • Prove your worth with Recommendations and Endorsements

    • Keep your network engaged with regular posts and updates

  • 5

    Search in LinkedIn Recruiter

    • Boolean search with LinkedIn Recruiter

    • Searching by Location in LinkedIn Recruiter

    • Key Filters to focus your search

    • Setting up Custom Filters for your Future Searches

    • Searching one company at a time

    • Review profiles quickly and accurately

    • Getting insights from your searches

    • What Reports can tell us about our search habits, good and bad

    • Searching LinkedIn via Google is still relevant

    • Katharine's LinkedIn Search Tool

  • 6

    LinkedIn Recruiter Projects

    • Creating and Naming your Projects

    • Importing a list of candidates to a project

    • Export data from Projects with ZapInfo

  • 7

    Messaging with LinkedIn Recruiter

    • When to use Connection Requests, Messages and InMails

    • Tips for better InMail subject lines

    • Creating and using InMail templates

    • Plan a cadence for your candidates

    • Find alternative contact methods

  • 8

    Next Steps

    • Before you go...

    • More resources for you

Next course starting 19 Apr 2021

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