Having trained thousands of Recruiters, we know that finding and engaging candidates is the skill that enables Recruiters to contribute to team performance the quickest. 

In today's market, Recruiters need to be able to do more than find candidates.   A Recruiter must be able to engage candidates and build relationships that ensure candidates complete the recruitment process. 

This course is unique in the way it brings together world-class sourcing training to find the best candidates in the market,  engage their interest and build solid relationships that survive the ups and downs of a recruitment process.

Why Recruiters Fail At Resourcing Candidates

  • One dimensional searching strategy

  • Poor quality messaging to candidates

  • Expecting too much commitment too soon

  • Not probing deep enough into candidates answers

  • Over reliance on emails to communicate

Why our online training works

  • Live webinars

    Attend live webinars where you can ask Katharine & Angela questions and get deeper insights on the topics most important to you.

  • Online support from a coach

    This is more than self-service training. Katharine & Angela will be online to help answer your questions and tackle your challenges, putting theory into action.

  • Learning from others

    The Recruiting Gym is a community and in this series of webinars, everyone has been in the same situation, so you gain support from others as well.

  • Documents and downloads

    The webinars will be supported by online training that will include additional videos, quizzes and documents to be downloaded and utilised in the business.

Who is this course is for?

Consultants/Resourcers who...

  • are new to candidate attraction & recruiting

  • find it difficult to source quality candidates

  • are looking to gain more engagement and commitment from their candidates

  • have not had structured training in resourcing before

  • are working in a candidate driven market

  • Managers and Team Leads that want to support their team

Course Overview

    1. Course overview - Candidate Sourcing & Engagement Fundamentals

    2. A welcome from your coaches - Head sourcing coach Katharine Robinson & Angela Cripps

    3. How to use this course

    1. Course warm-up

    2. Contribute

    3. Online learning powered by humans

    4. Our Culture

    5. Set SMART goals

    6. Before we begin...

    1. What does 'Resourcing' really mean?

    2. Candidate Features

    3. Your recruitment process

    4. What is a CRM, and why you should love it!

    5. Objectives for a candidate database update call

    6. Introduction: Building an online presence

    7. Creating a LinkedIn profile that works hard for you

    8. What to write in your 'About' section on LinkedIn

    9. Growing your LinkedIn network

    10. Introduction: Screening and Qualifying Candidates

    11. Getting candidates on the phone

    12. Objectives of a Pre-Screen call

    13. Preparing For A Pre Screen Call

    14. The Bargaining Arena

    15. Screening & Qualifying Candidates Worksheet (Download)

    1. Find out what Job Boards you have access to

    2. Approaching candidates from Job Boards - phone

    3. Approaching candidates from Job Boards - email

    4. Writing messages that get commitment from candidates

    5. Your first call with a new candidate

    6. Presenting opportunities to candidates

    7. Gaining candidate commitment & buy-in

    8. The Objection Handling Formula

    9. Workout: Candidate objections

    1. Search strings and Boolean

    2. What is Boolean Search?

    3. How to use "Quote Marks" in search

    4. How to use (Brackets) in search

    5. Creating CV search alerts on your Job Boards

    6. Worksheet workout: Sourcing Through Job Boards

    1. Introduction: Building Relationships & Mitigating Risks

    2. Why You Should Meet Candidates Face to Face

    3. How to Prepare for A Candidate Meeting

    4. Investigating A Candidate's Experience

    5. Candidate Motivators - Push & Pull Factors

    6. Candidate Motivators - Culture, Manager & Work-Life Balance

    7. Candidate Motivators - Compensation

    8. How to Show A Candidate You Care by Keeping in Touch

    9. Regenerate Candidates from your ATS/CRM via email

    10. Challenge: Build Candidate Relationships

About this course

  • £450.00
  • 91 lessons
  • 5 hours of video content


Sourcing Coach Katharine Robinson

Hi, I’m Katharine, a talent sourcer with over a decade of experience combing the web to find great candidates.

My sourcing training helps recruitment teams be bolder with the tools they use to look for and engage candidates. By combining your industry knowledge with expertly crafted search tactics, together we will get more candidates into jobs they love.

IMPORTANTLY I STILL SOURCE: Given how quickly the world of technology and sourcing changes, I still spend over half my year engaged in sourcing projects or contracts finding some of the hardest to source skillsets in the world.

Lead Coach Angela Cripps

Angela, a recruitment advocate with 30+ years’ of experience that’s still passionate about our wonderful industry. Angela has been training for 35 years and coaching Executives for 20 of those. She worked for Blue Arrow (the largest independent recruitment company in the UK at the time) and was lucky enough to join their award-winning training team in 1997. Since 2003, she's had her own company – Connemara UK, and in 2020 took over the running of the Recruiting Gym. In 2021, she bought it.

Angela's aim is to make companies more successful and profitable through the development of their people and processes. Her passion is to travel, so she's worked with over 200 SMEs, throughout the world in 26 different countries so far.

Lead Coach Alex Moyle

I have been in the industry for over 25 years as a Recruiter, Manager, Director, Management Consultant and Trainer. I even wrote a book on Business Development Culture. I love helping individuals and teams improve their confidence and skills to grow sales.