Key features of this HIIT course

Through this course we will introduce you to the practical methodology of sourcing and identifying those hard to find candidates through many avenues

  • Short HIIT training program

  • Real life examples utilised, helping to bring the learning to life

  • Access to specialist coaches to answer your queries and questions along the way

  • Can be used as a quiz or incentive for a team of sourcers to challenge and test each other

Course curriculum

    1. Message from your coach - Katharine Robinson

    1. Angela & Katharine introduce the Sourcing Challenge and give you your first challenge

    2. First Challenge: GitHub - now with extra questions

    1. Katharine sets your second challenge

    2. Second Challenge: Outer Space - now with extra questions (Aug 23)

    1. Third Challenge: Covid vaccinations - Questions

    2. Katharine sets your third challenge

    1. Katharine sets your fourth challenge

    2. Fourth Challenge: Stonehenge - now with new questions (Aug 23)

About this course

  • £50.00
  • 18 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

Why the training works

  • Online support from 2 coaches

    This is more than a self-service course. Katharine and Angela will be able to answer your questions and challenges as you put the theory into practice

  • Exercises

    We're not saying it's easy!
    Key questions are asked and you have to find the answers, honing your sourcing skills as you go

  • Commercial Mindset

    Look to your own sourcing process to become more efficient and effective, whilst looking externally to see how you can implement the learning with your clients and gain a competitive advantage... that leads to a higher fill rate %

Sourcing Coach

Sourcing Coach Katharine Robinson

Hi, I’m Katharine, a talent sourcer with 15 years of experience combing the web to find great candidates.

My sourcing training helps recruitment teams be bolder with the tools they use to look for and engage candidates. By combining your industry knowledge with expertly crafted search tactics, together we will get more candidates into jobs they love.

IMPORTANTLY, I STILL SOURCE: Given how quickly the world of technology and sourcing changes, I still spend over half my year engaged in sourcing projects or contracts finding some of the hardest to source skillsets in the world.