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Directors, Managers, Team Leaders, Billing Managers

Too often in the recruitment Industry, consultants are promoted to be a manager, because they've been successful as a recruiter.

The two jobs are not necessarily complimentary.

Managing and leading others takes a different set of competencies and through this Essentials course, we'll cover all of them.

Why our online training works

  • Live webinars

    Attend live webinars where you can ask Angela & the Recruiting Gym coaches questions and get deeper insights on the topics most important to you.

  • Online support from a coach

    This is more than self-service training. Angela & the Recruiting Gym coaches include 1-1 coaching sessions as part of the course, to help answer your questions and tackle your challenges, putting theory into action.

  • Learning from others

    The Recruiting Gym is a community and in this series of webinars, everyone has been in the same situation, so you gain support from others as well.

  • Documents and downloads

    The online training will be supported by webinars and include additional videos, quizzes, presentations and documents to be downloaded and utilised in the business.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Program Overview

    • Course Overview

    • How to use this platform to view your course content

    • Before we begin...

    • What we expect from you

  • 2

    Program Warm Up

    • Program Warm Up

    • Who Are You?

    • Our Culture

    • Contributing

    • Sharing Vulnerability

    • Sessions and Challenges

  • 3

    Leadership and Management Essentials

    • Overview

    • Completing Your Competency Assessment

    • Competency Review Document

  • 4

    Your Role As A Leader

    • Introduction: Your Role As A Leader

    • Mindset of a Successful Leader

    • Building Successful Teams

    • Supporting and Driving Individual Performance

    • Sales Process & Best Practice

    • Business Planning & Goal Setting

    • Workout - Roger D'Aprix's 6 Questions

  • 5

    1. Mindset of a Successful Leader

    • Introduction: Mindset of a Successful Leader

    • Leadership vs Management

    • Communication & Influence

    • Role Modelling

    • Growth Mindset

    • Serve to Lead

    • Manage Your Manager

  • 6

    2. Supporting and Driving Individual Performance

    • Introduction: Supporting and Driving Individual Performance

    • Do You Know Why Your Team Turn Up For Work?

    • Performance Management vs Micro-Management

    • What Are Your Performance Standards?

    • Giving Timely Feedback

    • Learning Styles

    • Your Role As a Coach

  • 7

    3. Business Planning & Goal Setting

    • Introduction: Business Planning & Goal Setting

    • Business Objectives - the 'Orbit'

  • 8

    4. Learning to Love Best Practice

    • Introduction: Learning to Love Best Practice

    • How to Define Best Practice in 2 Minutes

    • What Is Your Sales Process?

    • Planning and Organising Your Sales Process

    • Structure is Freedom

    • Why KPI's Are Key To Your Success

    • Permanent & Contract Trend Analysis

    • Using SWOT & PESTLE to Plan Your Strategy

    • Workout

  • 9

    5. Building Successful Teams

    • Introduction: Building Successful Teams

    • Winning Team Mentality

    • Adapting to Different Personalities

    • Motivational Team Meetings

    • Having a Vision

  • 10

    Before you go...

    • More resources

    • Before you go...

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