Course curriculum

  • 1

    Program Overview

    • Course Welcome

    • Program Overview

  • 2

    Fine Tuning Your Specialisation and Sourcing Strategy

    • Introduction: Fine Tune Your Specialisation and Sourcing

    • Finding Your Focus

    • Understanding Your Niche & Goto Market Strategy

    • How Do You Define Your Specialism?

    • XX-Getting Smart About Sourcing

    • Talent Pooling

    • Segmenting Your Team

  • 3

    Improve Your Delivery Effectiveness..

    • Introduction: Improve Your Teams Delivery Effectiveness..

    • That’s Yours - That’s Mine..

    • What does Leading by Example Mean

    • What should you measure?..

  • 4

    Improve How Your Team Prioritises Opportunities

    • Introduction to Prioritising Vacancies

    • When to Stick and When to Twist

    • How to Spot a Grade A Vacancy?..

    • Vacancy Prioritisation - What and Why

    • Managing Your Teams Sourcing Effort

    • Vacancy Prioritisation Team Exercise

    • Vacancy Prioritisation Leadership Scenarios

  • 5

    Improve the Quality of Your Teams Activity & Client Influence

    • Introduction: Quality of Your Activities and Client Influence

    • Influence and Quality introduction

    • What do your clients think about your consultants?

    • Setting and maintaining standards

    • Quality of matching and presenting candidates

  • 6

    Improve How You Manage Pipeline and Forecasting

    • Introduction: Pipeline Management and Forecasting Introduction..

    • Managing Work In Progress

    • How Well Do You Monitor WIP?

    • Fill More Jobs Faster: Managing Work In Progress

    • Best practice WIP Value Tracking

    • WIP Assessment Meeting