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Growing the Business
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Who is this workshop for?

Owners of recruitment companies
Managing Directors
Operational Directors
Sales Directors
Those responsible for the growth and pricing strategies

The future is uncertain - we've all learnt that lesson the hard way, so having a plan and a strategy to follow makes it easier to navigate when then markets change.
Whether you need to win more business, be more successful in what you are delivering, increase your fees... or all 3 then this day will support you in achieving your objectives.
Pricing strategy

What the day involves


    1. Growth strategies to drive profit - welcome

    2. Objectives and Aims

    3. The Agenda

    4. The Trainers - Jon Brooks & Angela Cripps

    5. Join us in the Space Room - 23 Nov

    6. How to purchase the training

    7. Workshop 1 - additional resources (23 Nov 22)

About this course

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New dates for 2023 coming soon

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Your Workshop Leaders

Pricing Consultant Jon Brooks

Jon helps business leaders to understand the value they create for their customers and work with them to communicate and capture that value through effective pricing strategies.

He specialises in recruitment, using his experience of strategic pricing, commercial marketing and disruptive product development to increase profits and improve the customer experience.

Jon helps recruitment companies and recruiters to improve their prices by using successful pricing models from similar industries. He's been in the recruitment industry for over 15 years, including four years as Head of Pricing at Reed Recruitment.

Lead Coach Angela Cripps

Angela, a recruitment advocate with 30+ years’ of experience that’s still passionate about our wonderful industry. Angela has been training for 35 years and coaching Executives for 20 of those. She worked for Blue Arrow (the largest independent recruitment company in the UK at the time) and was lucky enough to join their award-winning training team in 1997. Since 2003, she's had her own company – Connemara UK, and in 2020 took over the running of the Recruiting Gym. In 2021, she bought it.

Angela's aim is to make companies more successful and profitable through the development of their people and processes. Her passion is to travel, so she's worked with over 200 SMEs, throughout the world in 26 different countries so far.