Improve your negotiation skills to increase revenue and win more business

Don’t miss out on additional revenue because you lack confidence in negotiating the right deal

Negotiating effectively has a huge impact on the value of your business. For a typical recruitment agency, dropping from 20% to 15% means losing a quarter of your revenue!

By adapting strategies from other industries, you can confidently negotiate in a way that communicates the value you create and encourages customers to pay more.

This course will give you the answers you need to improve your negotiation and inspire you to win better business for now and the long term.

Why the training works

  • Win-win negotiations

    With the right strategy, you can gain the confidence to negotiate effectively and win higher fees without losing business.

  • Creating value

    Understanding the value you create for your clients is key to a good negotiation. You will learn how to look at the services you offer in a new, more valuable way.

  • Giving clients choice

    A great negotiation approach gives clients a choice of services and prices. In the course, Jon explains how presenting a range of options can get your clients to *choose* to pay more!

  • Coaching Support

    You can get what you need from the online content, but you can also add to the basic course with a 1-1 session with the expert coach.
    Getting your specific needs, questions, challenges and queries answered directly, can make all the difference.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Welcome to the Win-Win Negotiation course

    • How to use this course

    • Before we begin...

  • 2


  • 3

    Who: understanding the 'enemy'

    • Why we need to understand our clients

    • The three types of clients

    • Learning from other industries: money-off vouchers

    • Workout: who's who on your list of clients

  • 4

    How: Preparing to win-win

    • Create demand

    • Control the context by offering choices

    • Learning from other industries: Apple vs the rest

    • Workout: how do you create demand?

  • 5

    What: dos and don'ts for win-win negotiations

    • Look them in the eyes

    • Choices choices

    • Trading not discounting

    • Workout: What do you value from your clients?

  • 6

    Next Steps...

    • Congratulations!

    • Before you go...

    • Need some further inspiration - here's some of the 100+ courses available in the Recruiting Gym

Key features

The negotiation is where many customers are won or lost. Having confidence in what you do and say will make all the difference.

  • Win higher fees

  • Improve your negotiation skills

  • Gain more win/win outcomes

  • Communicate your true value to your clients

  • Understand your clients better


Pricing Consultant

Jon Brooks

Jon helps business leaders to understand the value they create for their customers and work with them to communicate and capture that value through effective pricing strategies.

He specialises in recruitment, using his experience of strategic pricing, commercial marketing and disruptive product development to increase profits and improve the customer experience.

Jon helps recruitment companies and recruiters to improve their prices by using successful pricing models from similar industries. He's been in the recruitment industry for over 15 years, including four years as Head of Pricing at Reed Recruitment.