Having trained thousands of Recruiters, we know that finding and engaging candidates is the skill that enables Recruiters to contribute to team performance the quickest. 

In today's market Recruiters need to be able to do more than find candidates.   A Recruiter must be able to engage candidates and build relationships that ensure candidates complete the recruitment process. 

This course is unique in the way it brings together world-class sourcing training to find the best candidates in the market,  engage their interest and build solid relationships that survive the ups and downs of a recruitment process.

Why Recruiters Fail At Resourcing Candidates

  • One Dimensional Searching Strategy

  • Poor quality Messading to Candidate

  • Expect Too Much Commitment Too Soon

  • Believe Everything A Candidate Says

  • Over Reliance on Email to Communicate

Who This Course Is For Consultants Who...

  • Who are new to candidate attraction & recruiting

  • Who find it difficult to engage candidates

  • Who have candidates who

Course Overview

  • 1

    Sourcing Through Job Boards

    • Introduction: Sourcing Through Job Boards

    • Use Job Boards to help formulate your sourcing strategy

    • Boolean search for CV-Library

    • Boolean search on Reed.co.uk

    • Creating CV Search Alerts

    • Approach candidates from Job Boards via email

    • Approach candidates from Job Boards on the phone

    • Challenge: Sourcing Through Job Boards

    • Weekly Wrap Up Webinar


Sourcing Coach

Katharine Robinson

I still actively source which ensures the strategies and techniques I teach are proven to work. Every year I train hundreds of Recruiters to find and engage candidates. My goal is to help you find candidates and make placements quickly.