Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Onboarding New Starters

    • How to navigate and get the most from this online course

    • Before we begin...

    • The proven benefits of this course

    • What does writing an Induction Program involve?

  • 2

    Before they start

    • What resources do you have?

    • Who are the key stakeholders?

    • Timeframes and being realistic

    • Career Plans

    • Your internal recruitment process

    • Your Engagement Strategy

  • 3

    Objectives & Assessments

    • Setting objectives & assessments

    • Assessing competency levels in the first 6 months

    • Week 1 assessments

    • Week 2 assessments

    • Month 1 assessments

    • Month 2 assessments

    • Month 3 assessments

    • Months 4-6 assessments

  • 4


    • Setting out the schedule

    • Flexibility is the key

    • Using the schedule during the 6 months

  • 5

    Performance Management

    • Weekly 1-1s

    • Monthly Performance Reviews

    • Quarterly Business Plans

    • Minimum Acceptable Standards (MAS)

  • 6

    Getting the team involved

    • Getting the whole team involved

    • Playing to your strengths

    • Taking responsibility - the new starter's commitment

  • 7

    The Probationary Appraisal

    • Preparing for the probationary appraisal

    • The Documentation

  • 8

    Before you go

    • Before you go...

    • Resources and further reading

Onboarding new starters - Recruitment Consultant

The first 6 months covered for you

Trying to onboard and induct a new recruitment consultant into your company is hard enough, let alone when you're doing it remotely.

For an individual to start contributing to the 'bottom line', they need to experience success as quickly as possible.

Angela Cripps has been writing onboarding programs for recruitment companies for 15 years and she'll share all the essential elements you need to get your new starter billing in their probation period.

Why our online training works

  • Online support from a coach

    This is more than self-service training. Angela & the Recruiting Gym coaches include 3 x 1-1 coaching sessions as part of the fuller course, to help answer your questions and tackle your challenges, putting the theory into action.

  • Learning from others

    The Recruiting Gym is a worldwide community and everyone has been in the same situation at some point - starting at a new company, so you gain information & support from other people's discussions and queries as well.

  • Documents and downloads

    The online course is supported by videos, quizzes and presentations with over 65 pages of assessments, schedules and documents to be downloaded and utilised in your business.

Looking for more support to help you implement the onboarding program?

Click the button below to purchase the course with an additional 3 x coaching sessions