One of the hardest things about business development when you are looking to grow your desk, is that it's really easy to feel that every day you leave the office with a spear, hoping to find an animal that will feed you for the coming weeks ahead. 

What we're going to do in Mapping Your Market is get you excited about leaving your office to go and find new business, and the reason you'll be excited is you'll know where all the customers in your market live.

Learning Objectives

The knowledge you will you learn and the skills you will practice during the Workout.

  • Able to explain how to identify a 'prospective' client

  • Able to leverage candidates for market intelligence

  • Able to use social media and WWW for market intelligence

  • Able to use your CRM to find market intelligence

  • Able to organise market intelligence efficiently

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Mapping Your Market

    • Introduction: Map Your Market

    • Building Your Networks

    • Organising Your Market Intelligence

    • Types of Market Intelligence

    • Market Intelligence from Social Media

    • Market Intelligence in Your CRM

    • Market Intelligence From Candidates

    • Webinar: Mapping Your Market - Round Up

    • Challenge: Map Your Market