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Recruitment is really stressful

We need to maintain the right mindset throughout our career in recruitment because if we don't, we're going to have highs and lows - dips of emotions, and we're not going to be successful like we want to be. 

Times are going to be tough in recruitment. 

We need to keep on top of our mental health, manage our emotional emotions. 

We need to have emotional fitness to maintain that right mindset because if we maintain that right mindset, we are going to be successful in recruitment.

Key features

Making sure you gain the most out of the course

  • Practical exercises to help you put the theory into practice

  • Additional resources and downloads to continue the learning

  • Information for you to share with your team, making it easier to have the conversations that need to be had

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

  • 2

    Let's Understand Stress

    • Let's Understand Stress

    • Workout

  • 3

    What Triggers Your Stress?

    • What Triggers Your Stress?

    • Workout

  • 4

    Tactics to Deal with High Levels of Stress Instantly

    • Tactics to deal with high levels of stress instantly

    • Workout

  • 5

    Working on Your Own Emotional Fitness

    • Working On Your Emotional Fitness

    • Workout

  • 6


    • Conclusion

    • More resources for you


Mental Health & Wellbeing Coach

Clare Davis

I believe "Once you truly know about people, you will succeed at work and in life."

My passion is to help middle managers build relationships to build and support their teams when they have mental health concerns and communication blocks.

I have a strong background in middle management, delivering quality coaching, training and facilitation for over 20 years. I have a passion for developing staff, especially middle managers, so they communicate more successfully in order to drive better relationships and business growth.