Training Agendas

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    1. Looking to double your revenue in the next 3 years?

    2. Employee engagement for the recruitment industry

    3. Writing an effective on-boarding programme for your new starters

    4. Dispelling the myths of Performance Management

    5. Having Difficult Conversations as a Manager, without Difficulty

    6. Building High Performing Teams

    1. Building Trust & Collective Action following a Crisis

    2. Mental Health Conditions - spot the signs

    3. Managing Stress and Mental Health in Recruitment

    4. Having Difficult Conversations as a Manager, without Difficulty

    5. Having Diffi cult Conversations as a Consultant, without Difficulty

    1. Stretch your sourcing muscles... to find the candidates that you need

    2. The Direct Sourcing Call – gaining passive candidates no one else has

    3. Stakeholder Management - how to manage hiring managers

    4. The Fundamentals of Boolean Search

    5. Setting your LinkedIn account up for success

    6. Managing candidate risk in uncertain times

    7. Having Difficult Conversations with Candidates as a Consultant, without Difficulty

    8. Competency Interviewing

    9. Re-Qualifying and Controlling the Recruitment Process

    10. Sourcing tech candidates

    11. Better messaging for higher response rates

    12. The power of the candidate and building commitment

    13. Recruiting a Diverse and Inclusive workforce

    14. Sourcing locations and vertical markets

    15. Analysing CVs and LinkedIn profiles to highlight key areas to question

    16. Gaining market knowledge to be an expert in your field

    17. Using data to further develop your objectives

    18. Onboarding the candidate

    1. Adapting your sales approach to different personalities

    2. Having Difficult Conversations with Clients as a Consultant, without Difficulty

    3. Developing Advanced Questioning & Negotiation Skills

    4. The perfect end of year business development strategy

    5. Negotiation for the 360º Consultant

    6. How to Develop Consultative Calls (Part 1)

    7. How to Develop Consultative Calls (Part 2)

    8. Using data to further develop your objectives

    9. Selling Retained Search

    10. Key Account Management

    1. Working smarter, not harder

    2. The 12 key competencies of a recruitment consultant

    3. Annual Business Plans that achieve your goals

    4. Quarterly Business Planning

    5. Time Management and Qualifying Skills

    1. The Social Media Landscape

    2. Content Planning & Format

    3. Lead Social Media Channel Deep Dive

    4. Paid Social Media Strategies

    5. Tools to Maximise Your Efforts

    6. Action Planning (to be used as an add-on to another session)

    7. Setting your LinkedIn account up for success

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