Stop Working For Free

Committing to clients who don't commit to you is not good business

Are you working hard for clients who give you little or no commitment? It's a recipe for emotional burnout.

Let us help you develop the confidence and skills to build stronger client relationships and get paid upfront for the time and energy you put into the candidate search

"You cannot fail to benefit from Alan's obvious expertise and knowledge in all things sales and recruitment.
Alan's fun, informative and interactive style is exactly what you need when training. The training sessions I have recently undertaken have been an absolute joy and I could not recommend him highly enough if you want to develop your skills and knowledge in the recruitment industry.

I am really looking forward to putting it all into practice.
An absolute 10/10!
Thank you!"

Tracey Clay - Pivotal Recruit Ltd.

Why our courses work

  • Online Support From A Coach

    This is more than a self-service course. Alan will be online to help answer your questions and challenges as you put the theory into action

  • Commercial Mindset

    Develop a commercial mindset where you expect to get paid upfront or at the minimum gain higher levels of client commitment

  • Live Webinars

    Attend live webinars where you can ask Alan questions and get additional insights from special guests

Key features

These are the elements of the course that will make sure you succeed

  • 11 week intensive training program plus fortnightly webinars to support your success

  • 4 months access to private online coaching group

  • Practical exercises to put theory into practice

  • Many tools and templates that you can adapt to your own business needs

  • Access to 5 free courses for all Recruiting Gym members

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Introduction to Retainers

    • How to use this program

    • Welcome to the world of Retainers

  • 3

    Retainers - Where to Start

    • Understanding the Differences Between a Retained and Contingent Service

    • Using the Right Language With Your Clients

    • Who is Involved in the Retained Process

    • Defining Your Retainer Expertise

    • What Else Clients Buy Into With A Retainer

    • How Can the Client Pay?

  • 4

    Negative Mindset Towards Retainers

    • Why Clients Don't Buy Into Retainers

    • What Mindsets Stop Recruiters Selling Retainers

    • What Are The REAL Issues That Stop Recruiters Selling Retainers

    • What Clients Don't Like About Contingent Recruitment

  • 5

    Overcoming Negative Mindset Towards Retainers

    • Understanding The Value of Retainers to the Recruiter

    • Understanding the Value of the Retained Process to the Client

    • Why a Search Methodology Benefits a Client?

    • Selling Retainers to New and Existing Clients

  • 6

    Identifying Retainer Opportunities Through Consultative Questioning

    • When to offer a Retained Solution

    • Understanding the Consultative Questioning Approach

    • How to Identify Potential Retainer Opportunities

    • How to Identify a Clients Needs?

    • Creating A Sense of Urgency & Commitment

    • How to Get a Client to be Receptive to a Retained Solution

  • 7

    Building Your Retained Proposition

    • Gaining A Full Retainer Briefing From The Client

    • How to Take A Fully Qualified Job And Person Specification Briefing

    • Qualifying The Clients Opportunity, Selling Points And Process During The Briefing

    • Using Client Meetings To Add Value To The Retained Recruitment Process

    • The Proposal Stage

    • The Initial Search Stage

    • Targeting the Passive Market

    • Selling The Clients Retained Opportunity On A Headhunt Approach

    • Pre-Qualification & Interviewing of Candidates

    • Shortlist Presentation

    • Managing the Interview Stages

    • Managing the Offer Stages

    • Managing The Post Offer Stages

  • 8

    Presenting your Retained Solution & Objection Handling

    • Presenting Your Retained Solution to a Client

    • Gaining Client Commitment

    • How to Handle Client Objections

    • Dealing with Objections Around Terms And Solutions Differences

    • Dealing with objections about your "experience" And General Concerns

  • 9

    Next steps

Your Coach

360º Recruiter & Retainers Coach

Alan Clarke

Over 8,500 Recruiters, Managers and Business owners across 16 countries have benefited from my training. I work with Recruiters across a range of market specialisms and levels of recruitment.

I am a believer in the ‘mind body link’ and therefore endeavour to keep myself in shape both physically and mentally. This comes across in my training as I aim to get individuals and businesses ‘fit for purpose’.

My greatest pleasure is when I hear about the successes as a result of people applying what they have been taught – priceless!