What will you learn ?

Blogging is not a black art, it is really easy to create content and optimise it correctly if you know how.

  • Over an hour of training videos sharing best practice in blogging

  • Exclusive access to industry expert - Christina Robinson - via the discussions boxes

  • Working through a 13 point checklist to decide how effective is your current blog/news area?

  • Techniques on where to generate ideas for your recruitment blog

  • Lots of tools and tips as we go! (It wouldn’t be Green Umbrella if we didn’t give away something free!)

  • Downloads, exercises, workouts and checklists

All you need to know about being a blogging success

We all know that adding new, unique content to your recruitment website is paramount if you want your website to rank well in Google.

Invest in your future by dedicating time each week to write relevant articles that will retain their value for years to come and help you attract those elusive candidates and clients.

Christina Robinson has been supporting recruitment companies for 10 years and she'll share all the essential elements you need to get your blogging career to where you want it to be.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

  • 2

    Let's Get Started - Blogging Basics!

    • Why Bother With Blogging?

    • What Are We Looking For In A Blog?

    • A Blog Is Not...

  • 3

    Key Elements Of A Blog Article

    • How To Construct Your Blog Article

    • How To Approach Keyword Research

    • Using Links In Your Articles

  • 4

    Content Creation Ideas

    • What do I Write About?

    • 5 Starting Points for Blog Inspiration

  • 5

    Promoting & Leveraging Your Blogs

    • Blog Distribution Strategy

    • Tips For Getting More Eyes On Your Blogs

    • Implement A Guest Blogging Strategy

    • 13 Point Blogging Checklist

  • 6

    Next Steps...

    • Congrats! Here's what's next...

    • More resources for you

    • Before you go...

Why our online training works

  • Online support from a coach

    This is more than self-service training. You can access the coach via the discussions box to ask your queries and questions

  • New Ideas and How To's

    Techniques to maximise upon the impact of your blogs including how to get creative and find catchy headlines, how to “SEO” your blog once it has been uploaded and best practice to distribute the blog to maximise exposure

  • Documents and downloads

    The online course is supported by videos, checklist and documents to be downloaded and utilised in your blogging strategy.

Your Blogging Coach


Christina Robinson

If you're tweeting, posting, blogging, sending email marketing campaigns, or just thinking about any of those things - I'm your girl!