8 weeks with live webinars to be 'fighting fit'

Get ready to pull back market share

You may have been furloughed for a few weeks or potentially a few months.

If you were a professional athlete and not able to train for that period of time, it would feel like starting from scratch.

Thankfully, you have muscle memory and you'll get up to speed much quicker than if you were really starting from the beginning again.

How it will help you...

The 8 webinars will be run by several of our expert coaches and their purpose is to help you...

  • Be billing within 4 weeks of return

  • Re-build your business brain and sense of purpose

  • Gain confidence and contribute to the team - day 1

  • Build a sense of community and camaraderie

  • Understand how to approach your customers

  • Gain valuable insight into what questions to ask

  • Hone your recruitment skills and learn new ones

  • Write a business plan for the next quarter

Why our online training works

  • Live webinars

    Attend live webinars where you can ask Angela & Alex questions and get deeper insights on the topics most important to you.

  • Online support from a coach

    This is more than self-service training. Angela & Alex will be online to help answer your questions and tackle your challenges, putting theory into action.

  • Learning from others

    The Recruiting Gym is a community and in this series of webinars, everyone has been in the same situation, so you gain support from others as well.

  • Documents and downloads

    The webinars will be supported by online training that will include additional videos, quizzes and documents to be downloaded and utilised in the business.

Key features

These are the key features of the program that will help you succeed

  • 8 week training program with weekly webinars to support your success

  • Practical exercises to help you put theory into practice

  • Access to recruitment coaches to answer your queries and questions along the way

  • Relevant to the current situation we are all facing

  • Free access to the Daily Workout course for 8 weeks - with over 240+ previous webinars/training sessions to support your development

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the fightback series - Furlough to Fee!

  • 2

    The Fightback!

    • Overview of the 8 weeks

    • How to use this course

    • Contribute

  • 3


    • Week 1 - Getting your head back in the game - 6 Aug 11am

    • Week 2 - Finding your market - 13 Aug 11am

    • Week 3 - Generating and converting leads - 20 Aug 11am

    • Week 4 - Gaining your clients and candidates commitment - 27 Aug 11am

    • Week 5 - Taking control and managing risk - 3 Sep 11am

    • Week 6 - Client expansion strategies - 10 Sep 11am

    • Week 7 - Talent pooling for the future - 17 Sep 11am

    • Week 8 - Your desk moving forwards ready for 2021 - 24 Sep 11am

  • 4

    Week 1 - Getting your head back in the game

    • The fightback from Furlough and the emotions that brings

    • Have a Marketing Mindset

    • Components of Your New Business Development Sales Funnel

    • Setting SMART goals

    • Building Trust

  • 5

    Week 2 - Finding your Market & Lead Generation

    • Introduction: Mapping Your Market

    • Building Your Networks

    • Organising Your Market Intelligence

    • Types of Market Intelligence

    • Market Intelligence from Your Existing Clients

    • Market Intelligence From Candidates

    • Market Intelligence from Social Media

    • Market Intelligence in Your CRM

    • Challenge: Map Your Market

  • 6

    Week 3 - Lead Conversion

    • Lead Chasing Is A Process Not An Activity

    • Pre-Approach Research

    • Focus On Gaining Knowledge First

    • Learn What Your Customers Want

    • Engaging With Lapsed Clients

    • Structuring A Digital Approach

    • Structure of a Marketing Phone Call

  • 7

    Week 4 - Gaining Client Commitment & Quality Rates

  • 8

    Week 5 - Taking control and managing risk

    • Presenting Opportunities to Candidates

    • Gaining Candidate Commitment & Buy-in

    • Managing risks before the interview

    • Actively managing risks post-interview and talking negatives

    • How to Assess Candidate Risk

    • How to Prevent Counter Offer Issues

  • 9

    Week 6 – Client expansion strategies

    • Establishing your objectives ready for a Q4 business strategy

    • Identifying the Decision Making 'Team'

    • Gaining better understanding through advanced questioning techniques

    • Learning Live Playback: Understanding Your Clients Recruiting Pain (19 minutes)

    • How to re-negotiate rates with a client

    • Aligning your strategy your client’s business goals

  • 10

    Week 7 – Talent pooling for the future

    • Job ads that attract the candidates you need

    • Handling candidate-specific objections that COVID and the market has brought us

    • The Objection Handling Process

    • Be Proactive vs Reactive

    • How To Maintain A Talent Pool When You Have No Time

    • Making The Most Of Candidates You've Already Sourced

    • How Projects in LinkedIn Recruiter can help you maintain a Talent Pool

    • Should I Bother With a Client or Candidate Newsletter?

  • 11

    Week 8 – Your desk moving forwards into the next quarter

  • 12

    Next steps

    • Congratulations! Here's what's next...

    • More resources for you

    • Before you go...

New course starting March 2021

If you have 5 or more people, please email angela@recruitinggym.com

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