Workout Overview

In all likelihood, you work for a manager who complains that you don't get on the phone enough. 

The phone actually is a fantastic tool for business development but it may be that you haven't got a lot of experience on the phone.

 It may be that you're better at, more experienced at typing messages than actually picking up the phone to people you don't know, and that's okay. 

What we're going to do in this Workout is to help you understand the pros and the cons of the telephone when it comes to business development.

Learning Objectives

The knowledge you will you learn and the skills you will practice during the Workout.

  • Pro's & con's of an initial approach over the phone

  • How to mentally prepare for an initial phone approach

  • Able to explain the structure of a marketing phone call

  • Able to plan an initial approach to a prospective client

  • Able to recognise a successful initial phone call

Course curriculum

  • 1

    The First Phone Contact

    • Introduction: The First Phone Contact

    • Challenge: The First Phone Contact

    • The Pro's and Con's of Phone First Approach

    • Structure of a Marketing Phone Call

    • Mentally Preparing For a Phone Call

    • Preparing for a Marketing Phone Call

    • Planning Your Opening

    • Using References for Business Development

    • Engaging With Lapsed Clients

    • Recognising The Little Wins

    • Webinar: Making Phone Calls Round Up