Workout Overview

A Recruiters business development strategy is a cornerstone of their success.  

An effective strategy will help a Recruiter get the most from every piece of business development activity they perform.  

This course will help a Recruiter develop a personalised strategy based on their market niche and the needs of the Clients and Candidates they work with.

Learning Objectives

The knowledge you will you learn and the skills you will practice during the Workout.

  • Feel more confidence towards proactively building new client relationship

  • Understand the different stages of your fee generation funnel

  • Learn how to create your own volume and effectiveness of activity metrics

  • Define your CORE market specialism and how it impacts your business development strategy

  • Learn more about what your customers need and want from your service

  • Build a value proposition that enables you to differentiate yourself from other agencies

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Industry-Centric Questioning

    • Introduction: Industry-Centric Questioning

    • Why Industry Knowledge Helps Your Success

    • Industry Insights to Initiate Relationships

    • Using Industry Insights to Nurture Existing Relationships

    • Using Industry Insights To Build Your Profile

    • Sharing Insights Through Linkedin Direct Messaging

    • Industry Centric Questioning Challenge

  • 2

    Company-Centric Questioning

    • Introduction: Company-Centric Questioning

    • What Company Knowledge Do You Need to Collect

    • Gathering Market Intelligence From Candidates

    • Using Company Insights To Warm Up New Approaches

    • Using Market Insight to Nurture Existing Relationships

    • Using Annual Reports to Improve Business Development Conversations

    • Company Centric Questioning Challenge

  • 3

    Recruitment Centric Questioning