Don’t miss out on valuable business because your tenders are sub-standard!

This course combines solid guidance with templates and practical exercises to turn you into a winning recruitment bid writer

The 'big boys' win valuable contracts - not because they are better than you, but because they make themselves APPEAR to be better than you on paper!

Writing winning bids, tenders and proposals may feel daunting, but they’re fundamental to securing both public and private sector contracts. What’s more, anyone can do it if they know the right techniques!

It’s often a few critical marks that make the difference between success and failure.

This course will give you all the tools and support you need to take the fear out of tendering and win contracts that will feed your business for years to come.

A message from your instructor

Why the training works

  • Simplicity

    The most common mistake is over-complicating things. Tenders can strike fear into the boldest recruiter, but understanding the process, documentation, jargon and buyer’s perspective can turn tendering into child’s play.

  • Answering the question!

    Learn the 8-step secret to scoring maximum marks on almost any tender. If applied correctly, this technique will enable you to break down the question and ROCK the Evaluator - in a good way obviously!

  • Showcasing your business

    Pulling rabbits out of hats is all in a day’s work for most recruiters until you ask them to write it down! Fiona will share how to incorporate evidence and case studies that will position you head & shoulders above the competition

Key features

How this course will transform your approach to tendering

  • 4 week training program with practical exercises and live webinars to embed your learning

  • An insight into the 'buyer’s world' so you can avoid common mistakes and keep the buyer on your side!

  • Downloads and templates to help find the right opportunities and build your own tender library

  • Tips and techniques to maximise your tender scores and win business

  • Step by step guidance to writing great proposals that blitz the competition

Course curriculum

    1. Message from the Instructor

    2. How to use this course

    3. Before we begin...

    1. Understanding the Buyer

    2. Jargon Buster

    3. Tender Notices

    4. Finding the Right Tender Opportunities

    5. Making Bid/No Bid Decisions

    6. Tender Documentation

    7. Check Your Week 1 Learning!

    8. Week 1 - Feedback & Clarification

    1. Building Your Tender Library

    2. How to Use Copy & Paste!

    3. Timelines & Planning Your Bid Strategy

    4. Getting Through the First Stage - The SQ

    5. Check Your Week 2 Learning

    6. Week 2 - Feedback & Clarification

    1. Preparing Your Working Document

    2. Breaking Down the Question

    3. Structuring a Creative Proposal

    4. Check Your Week 3 Learning

    5. Week 3 - Feedback & Clarification

    1. Writing Impactful Case Studies

    2. Managing Word & Character Counts

    3. Proof Reading & Pre-Submission Checks

    4. Fiona's Top Tips!

    5. Check Your Week 4 Learning

    6. Week 4 - Feedback & Clarification

    1. Webinar 1

    2. Webinar 2

    3. Webinar 3

    4. Webinar 4

    5. Webinar 1 - 19 Jan

    6. Webinar 2 - 26 Jan

    7. Webinar 3 - Feb 2

    8. Webinar 4 - Feb 9

    9. Session 1 - 25 May

    10. Session 2 - 1 Jun

    11. Session 3 - 8 Jun

    12. Session 4 - 15 Jun

About this course

  • £540.00
  • 43 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content

Your Bid Writing Coach

... the best in the business

Coach Fiona Brunton

With over 25 years' recruitment industry experience, Fiona provides tender writing services specifically for recruitment agencies. Her skills have been invaluable to many companies, helping them win critical new contracts.

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