Workout Overview

The problem with client objections is that it's not only the reality of the client telling you they don't want to buy your service, it also feels like a personal rejection. 

This Workout is a series of challenges that is as much about helping you get your head straight for when those objections come, as it is about actually handling them.

Learning Objectives

The knowledge you will you learn and the skills you will practice during the Workout.

  • The important role objections play in the buying process

  • Confidence in handling one-way objections

  • Give you a structure to engage in two-way objections

  • Plan follow up interactions after conversations where you have received an objection

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Objection Handling

    • Introduction: Objection Handling

    • Objection Handling Mindset

    • How to Handle One-Way Objections: Objection Handling

    • Handling Two-Way Objections

    • We Have An Internal Recruitment Team: Objection Handling

    • We Have A Preferred Supplier: Objection Handling

    • We Have a Hiring Freeze: Objection Handling

    • No Budget For Recruiters: Objection Handling

    • Challenge: Objection Handling