Are your job adverts generating speedy sales?

Do your job adverts place more than just one job, or create an entire pipeline of work?

Job adverts are not just simply about attracting random candidates that think they can do the job. They can fix a big list of crucial recruitment issues all related to your 4Cs - candidates, clients, colleagues, and cash!

Job adverts should create not just a placement for the job you’re working on, but the jobs you want to work on.

This is the perfect course for recruiters who need to improve their job application quality, whilst also strengthening their future pipeline.

We've created this online job adverts training to help you be speedy and effective with one of the most important assets within your recruitment and sales pipeline.

Why the training works

  • Sales Tips

    Job adverts are sales. There’s more to job adverts than copy pasting a job spec – it’s a sales process. You need to get how to sell your job, and market online.

  • HIIT!

    It’s high intensity interval training – each session is 10 minutes of power tips to move improve your adverts muscle.

  • Adverts Personal Training

    You may want help with your adverts beyond the HIIT. Lisa can review your first 2 adverts and help you improve the copy and market them more effectively.

Key features

Why we believe it's so great

  • It’s online, it’s speedy – you’ll nail it in an hour if you really wanted to

  • There are lots of sales tips to help you, beyond simply a job advert

  • There’s an Easter Egg – a template for you to 'taste' and adapt to suit you

  • You can add an online webinar to your course and get personal feedback - live

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Job Adverts

    • Your Job Adverts, are they a sales tool?

    • Advert Writing Hacks - Part 1 - Attention! Size and Hook Copy

    • Advert Copy Writing Hacks - Part 2 - The Best Way to More Effective Job Adverts copy

    • The Best Way to More Effective Job Adverts

    • Take your Job Advert to Market


Recruitment Marketing Coach

Lisa Jones

Lisa is the Founder and Director of Barclay Jones – her team specialises in recruitment and marketing training to improve speed and pipeline.

She is a training, recruitment tech, and marketing geek. She gets a real kick out of improving recruitment and marketing workflows through systems and common sense.

Helping recruiters and marketers to generate phone and face time has been a mission of hers since the early 2000s. (And she loves to swim, cycle and run – sometimes at the same time!)