Workout Overview

If you're a recruitment dinosaur like me, back in the day the only way to get hold of someone was to either go down to their offices and knock on the door or pick up the phone.

One of the great things about the digital world is that we have more tools available for initiating contact. 

To help you complete this course we are going to learn how to engage a prospective client digitally before you transition that relationship either into a phone conversation or something that's face to face.

Learning Objectives

The knowledge you will you learn and the skills you will practice during the Workout.

  • Understand the pro's and con's of a 'digital first' approach to business development

  • Plan how you approach a prospect over email and LinkedIn

  • Able to use LinkedIn messages to engage prospective clients and engagement strategies

  • Able to use email messages to engage prospective clients

  • Able to create a daily/ weekly plan for proactive market activities

Course curriculum

  • 1

    The First Digital Approach

    • Introduction: The First Digital Approach

    • Pros and Cons of a Digital First Approach

    • Pre-Approach Research

    • Structuring A Digital Approach

    • How and When to Follow Up On Messages

    • Messaging Prospects on Linkedin

    • Messaging Prospects on Linkedin

    • Challenge: The Digital Approach

    • Webinar: The Digital Approach Round Up


Lead Coach

Alex Moyle

I have been in the industry for over 25 years as a Recruiter, Manager, Director, Management Consultant and Trainer. I even wrote a book on Business Development Culture. I love helping individuals and teams improve their confidence and skills to grow sales.