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Grow A Recurring Revenue Stream

Grow your Contract business to ensure you earn fees week in week out

Starting on £0 billings every month can be emotional

Russell Munday is one of the leading coaches in contract recruitment

He will help you grow your Contract or Temporary business to ensure you are earning fees every week and never start the month with zero ££ in your forecast again

Why Our Program Works

  • Online Support From A Coach

    This is more than a self-service course. Russell will be online to help answer your questions and challenges as you put the theory into action

  • Contract Mindset

    Develop a contract mindset where you are able to identify contract opportunities before they reach the open market.

  • Live Webinars

    Attend live webinars each week, where you can ask Russell questions and get additional insights from special guests

Key Features

These are the key features of the program that will help you succeed

  • 8 weeks intensive training program with a weekly webinar to support your success

  • Practical exercises to help you apply the theory into practice

  • Many tools and templates that you can adapt to your own business needs

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction: Building your Strategy

    2. Why Every Recruiter Needs To Be Able To Talk About Contract

    3. What you've got to lose by not engaging with your client on contracting and temp

    4. Why clients hate using contract recruiters

    5. Understanding why clients need contractors/temps

    6. Why clients decide to use temporary or contract workers

    7. How Availability of Internal Staff Drives Contract & Temp Usage

    1. Introduction: Using Candidates to Drive Growth

    2. Why your CRM is critical to your success

    1. Introduction: Mapping your Market & Lead Generation

    1. Introduction: Margin & Rate Negotiation

    1. Introduction: Converting Job Leads

    1. Introduction: Proactive Business Development Activities

    2. Three Questions To Start Contractor/Temp Conversations

    3. Finding the Catalyst to Recruit Contractors & Temps

    4. Questions to Ask When A Client Dislikes Using Contractors/Temps

About this course

  • £600.00
  • 21 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content

Your Coach

Contract Coach Russell Munday

Russell has spent over 20 years placing contractors and running teams that place contractors. His approach focuses on practical strategies that Recruiters and Managers can implement straight away to find and win new contract business.