Course curriculum

  • 1

    Future Webinars

    • Tuesday 26th Jan - 3:00pm - GMT

  • 2

    Recent Webinars

    • Tuesday 12 Jan - Improving Fill Rate (Surgery)

    • Wed 9 Sep - SWOT analysis and ratios to drive business planning

    • Tuesday 7th July - 2:00pm - UTC - Improving Fill Rate Surgery

    • Tues 30th June - 1:00pm UCT - How To Prepare Clients for Interview

    • Tues 23rd June - 1:00pm UCT - How to Prepare Candidates for Interview

  • 3

    Delivery and Conversion Ratio Strategy

    • Improving Fill Ratio Surgery

    • How to Prioritise Sourcing Effort

    • Helping Clients Implement A Virtual Hiring Process

    • Q&A - When to Leave Poor Jobs Aside and Start BD To Find Better Jobs

    • How to manage pipeline risk over the summer - Permanent Consultants

    • Learning Live playback: How to Question A Colleague When They Ask For Help

    • How To Survive BREXIT Hiring Delays

    • Learning Live Playback: Managing Client Side Risk In A Turbulent Market

  • 4

    Briefing & Client Commitment

    • How to Earn Exclusivity from Clients When Taking A Briefing

    • Managing Client Expectations of Candidate Availability

    • Learning Live playback: How To Sell Your Virtual Recruitment Process

    • Learning Live Playback: Understanding Your Clients Recruiting Pain

    • How to manage indecisive clients?

    • How To Pre-Book Interviews At The Vacancy Briefing Stage

    • Learning Live Playback: How To Gain Client Commitment At Briefing Stage

    • How to book a phone briefing with clients

  • 5

    Managing the Recruitment Process

    • How to stop Compensation Issues Killing Deals

    • How To Gain Candidate Buy In At Briefing Stage

    • Q&A - How often should I chase a client?

    • The Art of Presenting CV's

    • How to Prevent Counter Offers Part 1

    • Preventing Counter Offers Part 2

    • How to Prepare and Debrief Candidate Interviews

    • Q&A - How to increase offer to acceptance ratio

  • 6

    Value Proposition & Negotiation

    • How To Defend Your Fees

    • How to re-negotiate rates with a client

    • Business Development Q&A - How to engage clients about their Recruitment Process